Here is an overview of the creative process used in designing your Squarespace website:

We offer a free "30 minute no obligation" phone consultation to discuss your website needs and help you find the solution that meets your requirements. Call 303-279-8880 or email us at to schedule your appointment. 

If you are interested in moving forward, here is the way it generally works.

  • We will email you a questionnaire pertaining to your future website requirements.
  • The discovery meeting is an opportunity for us to delve in and get to know you and your brand. We will discuss your vision and goals for your website and find out what you find visually appealing.
  • You will be presented with a proposal that outlines the scope and price of the project. We will also sign a contract to keep everything copacetic.
  • After you accept the proposal, the work begins.
  • The domain (paid by client) is registered. If you already have a domain, it can be linked to Squarespace. If this is a new domain, it will be registered via Squarespace. The hosting platform is provided by Squarespace and hosting fees are paid directly to Squarespace by you.
  • Squarespace utilizes G Suite to set up professional email using your domain, ie. These fees are paid directly to Squarespace.
  • The ideation session is a comprehensive melding together of personal opinions, design, images, content, branding, color schemes, marketing strategy, search engine optimization and more. We will choose a template and Sundance Web Design will formulate a site map that outlines the form, structure and content of each page.
  • Building a website is a collaborative process between client and designer. Deliverables must remain on schedule to avoid delays.
  • Feedback from the client occurs at this stage and Sundance Web Design allows for three revisions. After that, there is an additional hourly charge.
  • Before the site is published, we will review the website together and I will answer your questions.
  • Your new website is live!

Add-on Services are "pick and choose" at an additional cost.

We offer maintenance services also so you never have to worry about maintaining your site. If you would rather do the upkeep yourself, we will provide one hour of free training. Additional training is charged at an hourly rate.